Your website is now live and is hopefully on its way to fulfilling its goals.

However, your website is just one of several million vying for the attention of a selective and impatient

audience. Standing out from the crowd needs more than just beautiful design—it requires the support

of some serious publicity.

Below are listed a number of promotional techniques—both online and offline—that can be used to

promote your website. Many of these are free of charge, though they can demand a significant

investment of time. Others require a monetary investment.

Online Publicity Online Publicity encompasses promotional activity that occurs over the internet.

#1: Choose a short, easy to remember domain name.

#2: Use email to inform customers about a website launch (however, avoid spamming).

#3: Create reciprocal linking agreements with other websites.

#4: Create a subscription based email newsletter

#5: Write clear and concise content

The production of clear and concise content helps Search Engines to identify the subject matter of a

website. This makes them much more likely to direct traffic to it.

#6: Write metadata and keep it up to date

Good metadata increases the confidence of a Search Engine that a site is well managed and is therefore

a good bet for traffic.

#7: Submit the website address to an internet directory

An internet directory is an edited list of websites that is sorted by category. The two most popular

examples of this type are the Open Directory Project ( and Yahoo!.

#8: Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services

SEO refers to techniques that can move your website up in Google rankings. There are 2 types of SEO:

black hat and white hat.

• Black hat uses techniques that Google has banned. If your website uses black hat techniques, you

could be barred from Google. You must never use such techniques.

• White hat uses techniques that Google has not yet banned. Such techniques should be used with


#9: Pay for online advertising

This can easily be done on Google AdWords or Facebook Advertising.

#10: Set up a Facebook and Twitter account and link back to your website

Offline Publicity Offline publicity encompasses promotional activity that does not occur primarily over

the internet.

#1: Include your web address on all company stationery and literature.

#2: Invite the printed media to review a website.

#3: Engage a public relations company for standard advertising, e.g. in a printed journal.